About our Chamber

Quality of Life with no Compromises.

Bridgetown offers key features important to business, while at the same time offering their employees and entrepreneurs alike a superior quality of life.

  • 1.5 hours from the large metropolitan area of Halifax Regional Municipality.
  • 1.75 hours from the Robert L. Stanfield International Airport
  • 45 minutes from the Digby Ferry Service between Digby Nova Scotia and St. John New Brunswick
  • 1.75 hours from the International Ferry Service between Portland Maine to Yarmouth Nova Scotia
  • 1 hour from Acadia University – The highest ranked undergraduate university in Nova Scotia
  • We are serviced by a 100 series highway and accessible from two exits east & west bound
  • We are 7kms from a lighthouse and a lobster wharf in neighbouring Hampton, with a provincial campground between the two communities.

Bridgetown has a rich history as a stopping point for travellers as they made their way up and down the valley. While progress has diminished the importance of some of our infrastructure (the bridge) it has left us as traditional friendly small community which has many unique identities:

Tourism – Nova Scotia is front and center in the world as a tourist destination. The Annapolis Valley plays a key role in this identity as it represents our history (hosts the second oldest community in North America), our present (if you tour the Province – you drive by our front door) and our future (with tidal power, cutting edge agricultural practices, and home to a number of unique businesses). Bridgetown offers wonderful lodgings with Motels, Cabins, Bed and Breakfasts, & Camping. Our visitors enjoy food prepared expertly with a local flair at our Pub, Pizza Take Outs, and a popular Drive-In Take out just outside of town.

Young Family Destination – We’re currently bucking trends on primary school growth with a recent influx that will ensure two Primary school classes for some time. Couple this with the fact that in September 2017 we opened a brand new, state-of-the-art P-12 school, makes it a family-friendly destination. Plus we have a breadth of recreational facilities that is unheard in a community of our size.

Retirement Community – Bridgetown has the size, infrastructure, and services that make it perfect for retirement. Walking to your destination is still a reality. Golf, Curling, Lawn Bowling, Kayaking, Skating, Hiking, & Swimming are all readily available and senior’s programs exist in each activity. Active associations like the Lions Club, the Legion, Order of Good Cheer, Friends of the Library & Bridgetown Community Fund provide many ways to contribute and give back to the community. Church plays a key role in our town and surrounding area and is a way to stay spiritually active and involved. Bus transportation is available by Kings Transit. You can travel between Weymouth, Nova Scotia to Brooklyn, Nova Scotia covering the entire Annapolis Valley. Trans County Transportation offers more specialized transportation service based on your individual needs.

Immigration Destination – Recently the Bridgetown area has been welcoming a number of new residents from the United Kingdom. Canada offers visitors from the UK a very favourable exchange on their money (at the time of this writing almost two for one Pound Sterling to Canadian Dollar). As families from the UK look to immigrate … many, exclusive of each other, and with the entire country at their disposal… have chosen Bridgetown as their new place to call home. The reasons expressed include the wide variety of services, the optimistic and enthusiastic welcome they receive, and the ability to contribute to a community that appreciates their efforts. The common thread is the sheer beauty of our area and the enjoyment of a Quality of Life that is becoming exceedingly difficult to find.